One Person Company (OPC) Registration in Delhi, India

The Companies Act of 2013 brought an interesting idea called the One Person Company (OPC), which allows a single individual to create and run a company. This was a significant change because, before this Act, a single person couldn't form a company and had to go for a sole proprietorship instead, which required at least two directors and two members.

The OPC concept changed the game by allowing a single person to establish and operate a company, serving as both the sole director and member. This significant shift means that individuals can now harness the benefits of a company, such as perpetual succession and limited liability, while enjoying the simplicity and autonomy of a sole proprietorship, regardless of whether they are residents or NRIs.

A noteworthy point is that the compliance requirements for an OPC are comparatively lower than those for a private company, making it an appealing choice for individual entrepreneurs who want to establish their own ventures. With this new concept, the Companies Act of 2013 has provided more flexibility and opportunities for single-person businesses.

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