LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Company Registration

LLP firm registration in India is a popular choice among entrepreneurs due to the benefits of combining a partnership firm. An LLP is established by at least two partners who sign an LLP agreement, but they have limited liability and perpetual succession like a company.

Introduced in 2008, the Limited Liability Partnership Act regulates LLPs in India. Incorporating an LLP requires a minimum of two partners, but there is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners. At least two designated partners must be natural persons, and one must be an Indian resident. They are responsible for complying with all LLP Act provisions and those specified in the LLP agreement.

LLP firm registration is a suitable option for small to medium-sized businesses as it provides the advantages of a company and the flexibility of a partnership firm. It is easy to manage and incorporate, with an LLP agreement outlining the rights and duties of the partners. Unlike in a partnership, one partner is not liable for the other's misconduct or negligence.

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